Lost Video: All Get Out – “Three More, I Guess”

Every now and then, I get the motivation to spend a few hours going through my computer and cleaning up, re-arranging, and usually listening to music that I didn’t know that I had. A few weeks ago, I was messing around with iMovie and came across two unnamed files that were dated 10.31.2009. I opened them up and realized they were videos of Nathan from All Get Out, and another artist who we’ll be releasing later this week, performing alternate versions of songs on a giant, old organ that had become a place holder in my living room.

While the clarity of the video isn’t the best (keep in mind it was filmed from an old MacBook camera), the audio is fairly decent and I figured they would be fun to share with you all. The song that Nathan recorded is called “Three More, I Guess” and is the closing track to their very first record, released nearly over five years ago. Originally recorded with a single microphone hanging from a stairwell, the version we’re releasing doesn’t sound far off from the original, minus the female vocals.

All Get Out will be heading out with Death on Two Wheels, Harrison Hudson + Junior Astronomers later this month for the first ever Favorite Gentlemen Records tour, presented by AbsolutePunk.net. The tour will hit markets that have helped develop the label’s roster over the years and will be ending in none other than Macon, Georgia, at the Cox Capitol Theatre on August 31st.

Nathan Hussey of All Get Out – “Three More, I Guess”

[youtube id=9hYZA3E0lTE]