Mark Your Calendars: 5 Must-See Shows in October


1. Thursday, October 1st
JOSE GONZALEZ at Variety Playhouse | 7pm | $25

Gonzalez is bringing a highly-anticipated show on the road beginning Monday, September 28th, in support of his latest EP, Let It Carry You. There’s perhaps not another more introspective singer/songwriter than Gonzalez. And somewhere caught in this sort of frustration with the human condition, often reflecting an open vulnerability through his lyrics, Gonzalez is a beauty of a man giving you all that he has to offer. He’ll be accompanied by two percussionists and two vocalists, and plans to perform songs from each of his solo albums, along with a cover or two, possibly. I can assure you of this much: your mind will be racing as you leave, but you will be satisfied after having been in the presence of art so beautiful. GET TICKETS!

[youtube id=IV0fnQCdXmk]

2. Friday, October 2nd
DAVID RAMIREZ at The Earl | Doors at 8pm | $15

On the heels of releasing his new record Fables, Ramirez, along with help from his friend and fellow singer/songwriter Noah Gundersen, proclaims that the record is the child of a revelation that perhaps revitalized what was putting him 6 feet under– a reckoning every noble songwriter must meet head to head. The songwriter must write the song honestly. “I wasn’t writing for myself,” the Texas singer/songwriter says. “I was writing to make a hit. I was writing for an audience, and it really put me in the ground.” Buy a ticket and go catch the fire that kept this man from selling out. You won’t regret it. GET TICKETS!

[youtube id=yFCAmgdWZbo]

3. Saturday, October 10th
VALLEY MAKER at Drunken Unicorn | Doors at 9pm | $7

Austin Crane and his songs are a mind-full. A sharp mind and a harsh singing voice, Valley Maker is unlike anything or anyone, for that matter, you’ve ever heard. Crane is very familiar to the readers of The Blue Indian, as his work has made multiple writers “Best of” lists, been showcased in our Acoustic Alley series, and featured in a variety of other ways on the site. A personal favorite of mine through the years, his songs have often left me uncomfortable. But I’m ok with that– I’ve always been one to say great music and brilliant lyrics should do something to someone. Go experience Valley Maker– you’ll see what I mean.

[youtube id=N8vjuwTneaY]

4. Tuesday, October 13th
NOAH GUNDERSEN at Eddie’s Attic | Doors at 7pm | $17+

Seattle-based Noah Gundersen and his tour somewhat flows nicely in this list of shows to go check out– for good reason. His new record Carry the Ghost can be seen as the artist challenging the embedded beliefs on faith and humanity that were born from having been raised in an evangelical Christian home. The ache in his voice is apparent throughout the new record, as he wrestles with the anxiety of what he admits is “the internal wild-west of being in [his] 20s,” along with the heartache of lost love. A close friend to David Ramirez, the two have this in common with their new records: they’re letting go and leaving behind the idea that the songwriter’s self-worth is tied to the audience’s reception of the finished a product. This is a fine line and if treaded carefully, fans have historically received a beautiful gift– a messy but beautifully honest expression. There’s no more beyond that. GET TICKETS!

[youtube id=UfUZ0_A9c18]

5. Tuesday, October 20th
MOLLY PARDEN at Eddie’s Attic | Doors at 6pm | $10+

Atlanta native Molly Parden, like Valley Maker, is no stranger to us here at TBI. You may have seen her grace the stage with the likes of Matthew Perryman Jones, along with several others. If you’re the betting type, place your odds with this girl and her very bright future. Every show I’ve ever been to of Molly’s, I find myself sitting perfectly still, my face half-tilted at an angle, with a goofy grin on my face. I’m so dang proud of her. To me, she’s the new Patty Griffin. Need I say more? Go to her show. GET TICKETS!

[youtube id=4Lp4_8Hm_mE]