Music Video: The Back Pockets’ “Cannibal Erotica”

the back pockets
The Back Pockets is a large family of musicians and artists looming at the insane number of 17 people, born in august 2008. Their sound has been described as “imagination music,” “interactive gypsy folk punk,” and “ruckus noise pop.” Their shows are big productions, involving heavy costume and theater as well as audience interaction. The Back Pockets enjoy things like farming, recycling, and cooking their own meals. They think face paint is the bomb. Oh and they live to tour and hand paint each of their albums. When we asked Emily about their music video, “Cannibal Erotica,” she said, “I used stop motion techniques on my apple computer. The materials consisted of cardboard, whiteout, sharpie paint markers, and loose leaf paper. It was about a boy I had a crush on. The song is also about a boy I have a crush on, but a different boy. The video and song touch on feelings of longing, lust, and sex. The song’s lyrics are poetically comparing themes of sexual hunger and the act of actually eating food.” What a creative, beautiful mess. Watch out for these folks!

“Cannibal Erotica”

[youtube id=ASMbUSn2Kcg]