Free MP3: Mark Mathis’ “I Will Love You Forever”



North Carolina native, Mark Mathis, is one of my favorite singer-songwriters out there. I’ve been following his work since he put out his debut effort, Songs I Learned in College back in 2002. He’s put out at least 5 great records since that release, if I’m not miscounting. As you can imagine, I’m a big music fan and through the years, I’ve heard a ton of incredible music. In fact, here at The Blue Indian, we receive tons of great music every week to be reviewed. So I don’t say this lightly or carelessly– there’s a Mark Mathis song called “In Love at 19,” which is off the record We Both Was Young, that is without a doubt my favorite love song ever written. In fact, I used it at the climax of my marriage proposal video on YouTube. And honestly, I’m not sure if the video was a success because of the proposal or the song featured in it. Probably the latter.

It’s very rare that we actually reach out to an artist requesting to share their music. But, this was one of those circumstances where I heard news of an upcoming Mark Mathis release and immediately reached out to him. Mark has been so kind to release the single off the upcoming November release entitled “Night Hymns” exclusively via TBI. The single, “I Will Love You Forever,” is a thick, horn-driven track that features what I assume to be Mark’s son Noah, although that’s totally a guess. Regarding the new record, Mathis has this to say to TBI’s readers and his fans alike:

The songs on this album are deeply personal and a reflection of the journey that I have been on for the past several years. These are my “Night Hymns” – the songs that I have sung to myself as I wait for the light to break on the horizon.  I hope that these songs will help you to find your peace in whatever journey you are on.

We are very excited to get our hands on the new record. And when we do, you can believe we’ll let you know. But you can keep your eye out for a mid-November release though . . . We’re on the homestretch! Until then, enjoy the single off the new record for free download:

(To download, right-click the player and select “Save As.”)

I Will Love You Forever