Acoustic Alley: 100 Watt Horse

100watthorse Meet George Pettis. George is 1/4 of the brains behind Wowser Bowser (our Band of the Month from July 2012), and as of recent, the man behind 100 Watt Horse. During downtime with Wowser Bowser, George began to craft songs that were much more personal and stripped down than what audiences were used to hearing from him and the result was what you’ll hear in the videos below.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, George spent the past year playing 100 Watt Horse tunes nearly anywhere that would have him (think house shows, farmers markets, dive bars). Recordings from 100 Watt Horse will be released sometime in the coming months via startup label Boom Done! Records, a community-based label run by members of Wowser Bowser and other Atlanta artists. We’re fairly sure you’ll enjoy this one..

-Sean Pritchard

100 WATT HORSE – “If I Were an Ocean”

[youtube id=awKVB2X8XhI]

100 WATT HORSE – “Tennis Shoes”

[youtube id=Je_TI5nXxlw]