The Winter Sounds – “Bird On Fire” Video





The Winter Sounds have always been a band that I’ve followed closely. They’ve gone through quite a bit of change in the years that I’ve known them, but they’ve always retained their original penchant for fast,┬áraucous, and melodic tunes.

Daniel McCord directed the video for their newest release, titled “Birds On Fire”. It was filmed in their friend Erich Atkin’s basement which is also the band’s practice space in Nashville, TN. “We just threw a party and tried to have as much fun with it as possible. The Jeerleaders (Nashville Roller Girls Cheerleaders) made an appearance, we had some LED hula hoop dancing courtesy of the Twirl Girls and there were some dudes with flaming Nunchakus which I can’t spell but it was fun”, said Patrick Keenan

The track is actually a demo of a song the band is recording right now in Monroe, NC @ Scott Solter’s studio. According to Keenan, they are midway through 13 songs for a full length titled Runner coming out in the fall.