A Conversation with Julianna Barwick

It’s tough to describe Julianna Barwick‘s music because it is so incredibly unique. Her “loop-based vocal arrangements” (her words not ours) create ethereal soundscapes full of layer upon layer of harmonies. Tomorrow, February 22nd, she releases The Magic Place, her first LP with Asthmatic Kitty Records (she has two prior self-released albums). Though the album’s title is a reference to a literal place from her childhood, it couldn’t be more appropriate for her music that transports you to an otherworldly place.

We caught up with Julianna last month at the end of her East Coast tour supporting GOASTT in Atlanta, GA. In the video below she tells us how she creates her beautiful music and discusses a bit of how The Magic Place came to be.

[youtube id=amlh9KfpP_M]