Photos & Videos: MATRIMONY Live in Macon, GA

Back in January (2011), Matrimony made their debut in Macon, GA at a show put on by at The 567’s Gallery Stage. It was obvious they left a huge impression on the folks that came out when a line formed (nearly running out the door) of folks buying merch. They were such a hit that we’ve had emails, tweets, and facebook messages from new fans practically begging us to bring them back. Well on April 9th (Saturday), you’ll see Matrimony back at The 567’s Gallery Stage looking to rock Macon again. So, mark the date and bring all of your friends. Until then, we have a few things to share with you. Here, we have our remaining footage/photos of the night– all shot by TBI’s William Haun. But, there’s more to come. Yeah, you heard it. We have a special 2-song in-store performance of Matrimony at Caulfield’s Vintage on Cherry Street. You don’t want to miss this!

MATRIMONY – “One Last Dance”

[youtube id=xstqJb7ofqQ]

MATRIMONY – “Giving Man (acoustic version)”

[youtube id=xfcAXofoD8I]