Q&A with Aaron Weiss (vocalist of mewithoutYou)

We haven’t talked religion much here at The Blue Indian. And frankly, I don’t plan to talk religion much in the future. However, with a band like mewithoutYou, a signee of Tooth & Nail, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the subject.

Me Without You (styled as mewithoutYou) is a Philly-based experimental rock band who consists of vocalist Aaron Weiss, guitarist Michael Weiss, bassist Greg Jehanian and drummer Rickie Mazzotta. To me, it seems as if each of mewithoutYou’s records, in order from oldest to present, have been a stepping stone to something else. Not necessarily a step in a different direction; however, it’s our job here to leave it up to you, the listeners, to determine whether mewithoutYou today is the same mewithoutYou that you’ve met over the years at such popular music festivals as Cornerstone. All of that to say this: If you’re the fan who is wondering if Aaron Weiss (front-man of mewithoutYou) still holds to his Christian beliefs, your curiosity will be satisfied by listening to this interview. If you’re the fan who is wondering if the members of mewithoutYou are still a band, your curiosity will be satisfied by listening to this interview. Mind you, this interview only covers what was allowed within the strict confines of a 42 minute time-frame. Both Aaron and I wanted to talk more, but had to cut it short. Clearly, there needs to be a part II to this interview, and that may just happen.

Religious or not, Christian or not, spiritual or not: there’s something to be enjoyed with this interview. There are apologies. There are awkward pauses. There is an intense sense of sensitivity. There is this polite desire with both the interviewer and interviewee to respect one another. There is a man named Aaron Weiss who is sharing his heart as honest as he can at this point in his life. The interview is raw and it’s real.

(Please ignore the HORRIBLE quality of the pictures in the audio file. With it being such a large file, I had to bite the bullet and compress the crap out of it. Who cares… you can hear it fine.)