Q&A with All Get Out (04/11/11)

Photo: Jessica Stone

The guys in Charleston, South Carolina band All Get Out are no strangers to Macon or TheBlueIndian.com. Having toured extensively in the southeast, the band has made multiple stops in Macon over the past three years and have built an avid and loyal fan base. Their last show in Macon was last September with label mates O’Brother and Death On Two Wheels, and Macon’s own Space Ghost, where they played a set of crowd favorites and a large selection of songs from their upcoming full-length record, due out later this summer. They will be making their return to Macon on Saturday, April 23rd, as part of “Bragg Jam Presents: The Constellations,” opening for the Atlanta-based “super group” at The Cox Capitol Theatre. TheBlueIndian.com’s Sean Pritchard caught up with Nathan Hussey and Mel Washington to find out why we can expect great things to come from the band and their label, Favorite Gentlemen Recordings.

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TBI: (Sean Pritchard): I’m fairly sure that everyone who has ever followed your band has been asking the same question for the past few months…What has been going on with you guys? You guys took a much needed rest before getting started on your full-length and from what we can tell according to your Twitter updates, the record is expected to be released later this year, possibly summer?

NH: Well a lot has happened including that much needed rest. We drove ourselves very hard for 2-3 years and while we reap the benefits of a fan base that supports us regardless of close to anything, we also drained a lot of resources. This break let us restructure and redefine our goals with this band. We’ve got jobs and I’m married. It’s been an amazing year, same as the others were amazing. I think we could safely say late summer for the record release.

MW: I’ve been super stoked on the break. We busted our tails on the road pretty non stop for a few years, and it’s been good to have some time away from the road, to reconnect with my friends and family, and also be creative. To have the ability to work on other projects, including my own solo stuff, has been really cool. Extremely excited about the release of the LP as well.

SP: You all were recently featured on TheBlueIndian.com > Compilation Vol. Two with one of your newest released tracks “Burn Hot The Records.” This song carries a much different feel then the previous releases. You all maintain the nervous energy of your earlier recordings but this song clearly is a step in a new direction for the band. Will you all tell me a bit about this specific track and if the upcoming album it will be featured on conveys a seemingly dark, but eventually uplifting feel?

NH: The record is a lot different than both the Burn Hot EP and and the self titled EP. If your relationship with All Get Out is with our live show then you know what our record sounds like, excluding all of our mess ups :). It’s not as dark as “Burn Hot” but full of energy. It’s all the songs we’ve been playing over the years so it should be familiar if you know us.

MW: This is honestly one of my favorite tunes we’ve written/recorded. I think it was a good ‘bridge’ song for us. From the EP to the new LP, I think people will see a shift in tone of our material, hopefully much so in its content.

SP: You all have had the opportunity to play shows and tour with some amazing bands over the past three years including Manchester Orchestra, Kevin Devine, Dead Confederate, Say Anything, Miniature Tigers, Dignan, The Rocketboys, O’Brother, Death On Two Wheels, Lydia, and All The Day Holiday to name a few. If you each had creative control over the band’s next tour, who would you have join you on the road and why?

NH: I’ve always loved touring with O’brother. I’ve always felt like it was the perfect amount of work and fun. Dignan marks a place in my memories of learning how to tour and would be absolutely lovely relive those memories.

MW: I agree with Nate. We’ve never had a bad O’brother tour experience. Dignan is honestly the reason we tour. I’ve always wanted to do a tour with our friends in Say Anything. I’ve really been into that band Local Natives and Morning Benders. At this point, I’m open to almost anything. There’s so much great music out right now.

SP: What are you each excited about the most this upcoming year?

NH: Releasing this record along with my solo record called Hussey.

MW: Obviously, there is a lot of excitement about the LP, but as Nathan referenced, we’ve got some solo records in the works and I’ve been doing some producing of some other records. I’m excited about the creativity that’s going to be cultivated throughout the rest of the year.

SP: What band or artist would you recommend that TheBlueIndian.com > should interview next?

NH: Jr. Astronomers

MW: The Lion in Winter (they don’t even know how good they are).

SP: The band has a very strong connection with Macon given your previous shows here, but also because of the personal connection that you all have made with a large group of people throughout the city. What are you looking forward to most about being back in Macon and what can be expected for the band’s show on April 23rd?

NH: Dollar Beer.

MW: Aside from the dollar beer, playing in Macon feels like a huge family reunion. That town has treated us well. I love the feeling that we can give a little something back by playing a rock show for them.

SP: What has been the most exciting part about the time that you all have been at home since recording was completed?

NH: Getting hitched san!

MW: Beys.