Q&A with Besides Daniel

A band definitely flying under the radar, Besides Daniel will peak its head at just the right time. They have brains. Oh, and they know what they’re doing. Since I’ve been keeping up with this band, I’ve noticed that they are very aware of their surroundings. A college drop-out, Danny’s ingenious personality is generally what moves the pen for Besides Daniel. Extremely thrifty in such a poor economy, Danny keeps himself busy by assembling bicycles and selling them for a bargain. Susanne O’Day, Danny’s prettier side, is the other half of the duo. O’Day is studying the music (and the industry) at Georgia State University, a rather prominent school located in the heart of Atlanta, GA. In a day when the major recording labels aren’t so cool anymore, O’Day’s acquired knowledge will more than likely be the key to their success. I’ve found that Besides Daniel songs are easy to sing along with, but like any sort of proverb, you have to really spend time with the words of the songs to truly grasp the meaning. I had a chance to sit down with the man himself today– Danny Brewer. He was there when Besides Daniel was merely a solo project, and now, he has watched it evolve into something completely different. We talked about kites, kindles, boats, and Danny’s least favorite Besides Daniel song. After the interview is the music video to a song off their recent release, “The Clay, the Seed, the Stone,” entitled, “The Field.” Keep up with Besides Daniel HERE.

[vimeo id=6972132] [youtube id=HjDaNwW-Hlc]