Q&A with Don Chaffer of Waterdeep

One of the cool things about running an online, indie music site is that you get to chat with talented people like Don Chaffer of Waterdeep. After having been a fan for over a decade (at least), it was kind of surreal to be able to chat with him over the phone. A down-to-earth family guy, Don stays busy these days producing a number of records a year. Don’t kid yourself; Waterdeep is very much still alive, as they’re currently working on yet another new record– something I’m ecstatic about. Don and Lori recently packed up and left Kansas City for Nashville, TN. “It’s been good for business,” Don says. Today, Don is working for a publisher and running his own studio in Nashville– the same building where rock stars, such as Ryan Adams recorded. Don, Lori, and Waterdeep definitely have big things on the table, and The Blue Indian was privileged to be able to talk with him about it.

Listen to Luke’s interview with Don below:
[vimeo id=6871316]