Manchester Orchestra Presents: THE STUFFING IV – November 26th-27th


In 1621, just one year after the famed voyage of the Mayflower, a group of dissidents set sail from England with hopes of reaching the New World and curating a music festival that celebrated communal harmony, equality, gut-stirring guitar tones, and of course – turkey. Unfortunately, their ship was over loaded with all sorts of early tone-worship equipment and it sank just off the coast of what is now Maine.

That story, like many from that time, was quickly over looked and forgotten due to the general acceptance of the modern story of Thanksgiving.

In 2010, members of Manchester Orchestra caught wind of the story from an old sailor who mistakenly showed up at one of their shows expecting, well, an orchestra (We heard he still had a blast). Henceforth, the band set out to revive the long lost story and thus THE STUFFING was created. *

Manchester Orchestra at The Stuffing 2012 - Brandon Funk

Manchester Orchestra at The Stuffing 2012 – Brandon Funk

The first year of the Stuffing was met with critically acclaimed success! Ten bands from the Favorite Gentlemen community took over the Center Stage complex in Atlanta the night before Thanksgiving and the rest was history. In the years that followed, more bands would be added, the Leftovers (a late night after party) would grow, and tickets would sell out sooner than the year before. A lasting tradition was set in place, one that would last for many years to come.

On September 5th, the band announced that The Stuffing was back four its fourth year with a few new bells and whistles. Tuesday, November 26th has been added to the schedule as an “acoustic” night with a lineup that will included Justin Townes Earle, Kevin Devine, Robert Ellis, O’Brother, The Front Bottoms, The Wild, and Harrison Hudson, with MO headlining.

Wednesday, November 27th could easily be the best Thanksgiving celebration in the Southeast. Manchester heads things up for night two of the festivities, this time with a full band, and the lineup includes sets from GROUPLOVE, O’Brother, The Front Bottoms, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Big Jesus, All Get Out, The Gills, Junior Astronomers, The Wild, Sleeper Agent, Concord America,¬†and possibly a few more!

A party this big calls for an after party, so word is crew (that us) will be throwing down again for The Leftovers. Turkey and football are the ultimate cure for a hangover anyway, so we expect you to come and get rowdy with your “other” family and possibly a few special guests. Details on all that soon.

As always, this will all be going down at Center Stage in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

Single day tickets are still available, though we suggest just buying both and paying a bit more attention next year when they announce the two-day passes.

All the information you could possibly need for The Stuffing 2013.

We’ll see you turkeys there! In the meantime, peep your eyes on this beautiful promo video the folks at Dynes Media created for their favorite Thanksgiving-themed music festival.

*it could be true for all we know…

The Stuffing 2013 Official Preview

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