TURNIP FEST – Macon, Georgia – 11/8/2013

Mid-East Peace Productions, the newest promotions+talent buying group in Macon, Georgia recently announced the complete lineup for their first annual TURNIP FESTIVAL (turn up, get it?). Held in Macon on November 8th, the micro-festival will be held Roasted Cafe & Lounge and at The Crazy Bull – Macon’s newest venue. The festival features performances from a variety of acts across quite a few genres (livetronica, hip-hop, indie rock, jam rock) with a notable headlining debut from Thomas Wynn & The Believers, the Florida-based group who won crowds over at Bragg Jam & Weaver’s Weekend earlier this year.

Tickets for Turnip Festival are only $10.00 if you purchase them in advance and only increase to $12.00 if you miss the deadline…

One of the best things about Turnip Festival (aside from the lineup + low price) is that both stages are open to all ages and music runs until 2:00am…or later!

We took the liberty of previewing the bands playing so you know just what to expect from the first annual Turnip Festival – Friday, November 8th, 2013.

Estimated Prophet @ The “Beets” Stage at Roasted – 5:00pm

Estimated Prophet, a Grateful Dead tribute act from Macon, Georgia, starts off the first annual Turnip Festival with lighthearted, familiar tunes to help get the night started off right.

The Saturday Giant @ The “Beets” Stage at Roasted – 6:00pm

The Saturday Giant, the one-man band comprised of Ohio-native Phil Cogley, returns to Macon on 11/8 for his second show in the city. Drawing strong influences from Death Cab for Cutie and Baths, The Saturday Giant combines intricate layers of looped vocals, percussive rhythms, and electronic samples with riff-heavy guitar parts. Show up early to hear the soothing & shaking tracks from his newest release, When Death Comes.

[youtube id=rDTpk4p1yr0]

Crescent Moon Dogs @ The “Turnip” Stage at The Crazy Bull – 7:00pm

Hailing from Bonaire, Georgia, Crescent Moon Dogs play full-throttle rock ‘n roll with a progressive edge. We haven’t seen the Dogs before, but from what we’ve heard and read it seems like these guys bring the party. They’ll be kicking things off at the Crazy Bull!

Hussy Hussy @ The “Beets” Stage at Roasted – 7:00pm

Macon’s own Hussy Hussy is one of the bands I’m most excited to see at Turnip Fest. The incredibly lovable and enigmatic group (featuring ex-members of Xavii and various other acts) mixes jaw-dropping double guitar leads with flawless, yet seemingly improvised drumming in a stop-start fashion that will have your blood pumping. Weatherly Knighton takes charge of lead vocal duties and bass guitar and does quite an impressive job of holding all the pieces of Hussy Hussy together.

Houston @ The “Turnip” Stage at The Crazy Bull – 8:00pm

Houston is another newer band that calls Macon home, yet the members of Houston are deeply rooted in the arts community here. Various past/current projects include the Roly Bots, Citizen Insane, Floco Torres Band, Mothercunt, and many more. Turnip Fest marks our first time seeing Houston, but with these guys at the helm it’s sure to be a blast!

African Americana @ The “Beets” Stage at Roasted – 8:00pm

Dark samples pair with glitchy guitar work and smooth melodies to create African Americana. Comprised of Amadeus A + Tommy $uperior, the duo released a number of tracks earlier this year and are back performing live.

[youtube id=sPwd7l-sM6E]

B3 @ The “Beets” Stage at Roasted – 9:00pm

B3 has risen through the ranks in Middle Georgia and established himself as one of the go-to DJs in the dub, EDM, trap, and mash-up sectors. A resident with various monthly bass events, B3 has an infectious style that audiences love!

Baby Baby @ The “Turnip” Stage at The Crazy Bull – 9:15pm

TheBlueIndian.com and these ATL-wackos go way back! From the one of their first shows at a packed out bookstore on Cotton Avenue to some of their more recent headlining sets around Middle Georgia, we’ve been honored to have participated in the small fraction of partying these guys have done in the area. Make way for Baby Baby!

[youtube id=sQykI3v_ZCU]

Boots & Cats @ The “Beets” Stage at Roasted – 10:00pm

Boots & Cats is a livetronica group comprised of students at Macon’s Mercer University. Though they’ve only been playing together live for a brief time, the duo is already schedule to open for DrFameus and Dopapod in the next few months.

JuBee & The Morning After @ The “Turnip” Stage at The Crazy Bull – 10:30pm

JuBee & the Morning After are no strangers in the city of Macon; The group rose to regional-turned-national fame after winning a contest presented by Samsung that took them to Seattle to open for Pitbull and then was aired on Jimmy Kimmel. Now based in Athens, the group may be stronger than ever.. They’ve opened for Dumpstaphunk, Archnemesis, and are schedule to support Bootsy Collins at his upcoming Macon performance on Nov. 2nd.

[youtube id=a4fyDWgqyvQ]

Andy Bruh @ The “Beets” Stage at Roasted – 11:30pm

We don’t much about Athens-based DJ/producer Andy Bruh other than the fact that everyone’s been talking about him. We’ve been told to expect “ear-crushing bass lines and crunk beats”. Party on..

Thomas Wynn & the Believers @ The “Turnip” Stage at The Crazy Bull – 12:15am

Making their return to Macon after incredibly successful performances at Bragg Jam, Weaver’s Weekend, and their debut at the Rookery, Thomas Wynn & the Believers are a force to be reckoned with. This is soul-soaked rock at its finest, with twinges of influence from the Allman Brothers, CCR, Marshall Tucker, and a whole self-full of albums that came out of Macon, Georgia. Round #4, here we go!

[youtube id=Bt_4oVnWXLM]

Sounduo @ The “Beets” Stage at Roasted – 12:30am

This Florida-based drum/live production team Sounduo made their debut in Macon last year after a successful performance at Sounds of the South Festival in Milledgeville. They’ve been earning fans all around the country due to a heavy touring schedule, impeccable live shows, and bass so heavy I’m worried for a few people…