Previews & Reviews

Festival Preview: Atlanta’s Music Midtown

Atlanta’s favorite music festival is back again with an expanded two-day schedule and headliners Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters! See the entire line and get your tickets before they sell out!

All Around Georgia: July 2012

Mark your calendars for some of the best shows going on around the state during the month of July!

AthFest 2012: A Retrospective

3 of TBI’s writers fill you in on the events of the most recent AthFest Music, Arts, Film & Kids Festival

10 Years of Forecastle Festival

…and the 10 bands we want you to see!

Bunbury Music Festival: July 13th-15th crew will be heading out again soon for the inaugural Bunbury Music Festival in downtown Cincinnati, scheduled July 13th – 15th. Find out why we’re excited and you should be too!

Show Review: GOSPEL MUSIC @ Caledonia Lounge in Athens

“Everything started to sway and to get a little happy as soon as they raised their pre-show shots on the stage, and I knew it was about to get hip up in there.”

Show Review + Photos: BON IVER in Atlanta, 06/08/12

“I remembered why I’ve spent the past 2 months immersing myself in Bon Iver YouTube clips in child-like anticipation for what was, in my experience, the best show I’ve been to in my life.”

PHOTOS + VIDEOS: Frontier Ruckus @ The 567 in Macon, GA

On May 30th, Frontier Ruckus‘ made their third appearance at The 567 since their Macon debut just over a year ago. The band is currently on their “Eternity is Dimming” tour. One of the things fans love about this band is their intimate live performances. Over the past year and a half, they’ve made a […]

All Around Georgia: June 2012

Here’s our look at the best upcoming shows around the state for the month of June! Highlights include Bon Iver, David Dondero, These United States, Man Man and much more!

Show Review + Photos: DAMIEN JURADO @ The Earl, 05/23/2012

The respected Seattle singer/songwriter played with new found joy and energy confirming his desire to move on from the singer-songwriter stuff that had never really reflected his personality or what he enjoys musically.

Show Review + Photos: JBM @ The Earl

“A band whose musicianship and dynamic suited and expanded the songs perfectly with both energy and urgency as they were interpreted live.”

Show Review + New Song: BEN TRICKEY @ The Earl

Stream Trickey’s latest track and hear “the seemingly effortless vibrato in his voice” that our reviewer says perfectly compliments the content of his songs.