PHOTOS + VIDEOS: Frontier Ruckus @ The 567 in Macon, GA

On May 30th, Frontier Ruckus‘ made their third appearance at The 567 since their Macon debut just over a year ago. The band is currently on their “Eternity is Dimming” tour. One of the things fans love about this band is their intimate live performances. Over the past year and a half, they’ve made a habit of coming down off the stage and playing the second half of their set unplugged.

This show was no exception and they seemed completely relaxed in the midst of the audience. Frontman Matthew Milia meandered around while singing and playing his guitar and harmonica. In between songs the band would openly discuss what to play next and share some of their entertaining banter with the audience.

One special treat was an instrumental piece played by banjo player David Jones (featuring a brand spankin’ new hair cut) and multi-instrumentalist Zachary Nichols. The song is an original arrangement that brings together elements from the theme song and score of the classic Nintendo game Zelda into a pretty sweet medley. You can watch them play it on Love Drunk’s YouTube channel.

Milia also revealed some details about their next album release:

We have, “in the can” as they say, a new record that is of uncertain future at the moment, but I’m sure something good will happen with it. The thing is, it’s kind of an unwieldy and cumbersome creation. It’s about  20 songs – a double record as they call it in the biz. It’s an hour and a half long – some record labels don’t like that. I don’t know what record labels like that.

We’ve got a video below of the group playing a song off the above mentioned record. Entitled “If the Suns Collapse”, Milia said they don’t play it often at shows yet. Let’s hope that changes soon and that they find a label to release that cumbersome creation that is bound to be incredible.

Frontier Ruckus – “If the Suns Collapse” (new song)

[youtube id=OzgX4lxPQK4 showinfo=0]

Frontier Ruckus – “The Latter Days”

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