Show Preview: ATLAS GENIUS at The Tabernacle 02/14

Atlas Genius US Tour 2013I always feel a bit bad writing up a preview for a great show that has been sold out for weeks. After all, why get you all excited to see a band live only to find out you can’t.

This week’s upcoming ATLAS GENIUS/NICO VEGA/IMAGINE DRAGONS show at The Tabernacle in Atlanta is one of those conundrums. The newcomers from Australia blew up last year with their single “Trojans” and their success will only continue in 2013 as they tour with Imagine Dragons and release their debut full-length album February 19th.

The duo’s 2012 EP Through the Glass was three years in the making and the time they spent writing, producing, engineering, and mixing each song on their own paid off. After its release, they were quickly snatched up by Warner Brothers Records and given the catch to release an LP.

I’ve had an advance copy of When It Was Now on steady rotation for a few weeks now and it is solid. February is bit early to make grandiose claims about “Best of the Year” contenders, but I won’t be surprised at all to see Atlas Genius topping lists in 2013.

So while the Valentine’s Day dance party will be full swing this Thursday night at The Tabernacle, you can rest assured that next Tuesday you can have a party of your own when Atlas Genius drops When It Was Now. Until then, enjoy a few of their singles below and grab last year’s EP. I hope to see you luckier folks at the show Thursday.

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Atlas Genius – “If So” (audio only)

[youtube id=cNvlxGqiETQ showinfo=0 audiobar=1]

Atlas Genius – “Centred on You” (audio only)

[youtube id=0v_jvBMpob8 showinfo=0 audiobar=1]

Atlas Genius – “Trojans” (Official Video)

[youtube id=Sd2yr12abg8 showinfo=0]