Show Preview: Jealousy Mountain Duo w/ Blackrune & Gashcat at Dollhouse Productions – 11/7

Dollhouse Productions is proud to announce their new recording studio and event space in West Savannah. Owned and operated by Blake and Peter Mavrogeorgis, Dollhouse Productions has had several shows so far including Tav Falco’s Panther Burns and Dex Romweber and have held two art shows and a fashions show, as well as several editorial fashion shoots.

On Wednesday, November 7th, Dollhouse Productions presents  German noise rock group Jealousy Mountain Duo, alongside Savannah’s own Blackrune, and Gashcat, a band based in Austin, Texas. I’ve been lucky enough to see Jealousy Mountain Duo on the past two times they’ve been in Macon and they’re well worth seeing, even for those of you that haven’t warmed up to noise rock.

Blackrune seems like a relatively newer group from Savannah that “combines a sense of occult mystery, ancient history, science fiction, and fantasy with modern, technologized mysticism to create a uniquely ethereal, heavy sound.”

Gashcat comes to Savannah by way of Austin, Texas as part of their first-ever East Coast tour. The band received multiple positive reviews of their most recent record, Reunion, and are eager to share their sounds with those of us this side of the Mississippi. We spent some time yesterday chatting with Gashcat frontman Kyle Craft. Check it out below! 


Interview with Kyle Craft (GASHCAT)

Briefly, can you describe Gashcat, whether it be the people that play alongside you, or how you came together?
Well, Gashcat started as a three piece in Austin, TX, but it’s changed so many times since then. Now we’re just a six piece and I think we’ll keep it at that for a while. I sing and play guitar, Haley Massey plays a suitcase organ and a synth, Rick Hancock plays fuzz bass, Jason Sedillos on drums, Landon Miller  on electric guitar, and Mr. Joshua October makes crazy noises and soundscapes.
From what I can tell, you all have been together since mid-2011. How would you say the band has changed since then and in what particular dynamics, whether it be wear and tear from time on the road or events that occurred and motivated you all to write new songs?
Well, I’ve always tried to sort of have a mindset based around entertaining myself and just having fun with the people I play with. I think everyone in Gashcat feels that way. If anything has changed since the beginning, it’s that we’ve all sort of found what instruments we should be playing.  We used to switch instruments around on stage and sometimes it would just be a wreck because it was like, “eh, I can play drums tonight”. “Wait you play drums?  Okay”. The road has been pretty generous to us on the last couple of tours though. This is our first time on the East Coast and also the first time to tour with this line up. We haven’t started eating each other yet, so I think we’ll be fine.
You just released an EP of demos on your Bandcamp called the Devil Kid Demos. Are the songs just live recordings from one instance or a collection of new material you’ve been working on recently?
It’s a collection of new material we wanted to give people on this tour.  Some of the songs will be rerecorded once we’re ready for the next record, that’s why we just called it a demo.
You all have received accolades from NPR, Bandcamp (Reunion was one of their “Album of The Week” features), and plenty of online and print media. While they all shine a strong light on the band, has a particular review of your work or live show stood out among others in capturing the spirit of the music you’re creating?
I think most of the things I’ve read have been pretty straight forward, honest, and accurate. A good bit of our background (where we were, where we are, and where we’re going) has been completely misinterpreted, but we just laugh about it.
SXSW this year brought a great deal of attention to the band and Reunion. Tell me a bit about the band’s experience there:
SXSW was pretty fun for us. Unfortunately, all of Gashcat couldn’t make it, so it was very strange and didn’t really sound like Gashcat, but I guess people enjoyed it? Hopefully they enjoy how we actually sound.
Every band spend, unless you’re U2 or the like, spends a lot of time around each other and getting along is one of the most important elements of touring in close quarters with other people. What has been the best lesson you’ve learned from being on the road when it comes to respecting yourself and your band mates? 
That’s a tough one… I would just say be positive and don’t be a diva about things. Moods are contagious and if someone is being pouty or even frustrated, it carries over. I try to stay positive and when that doesn’t work we just start taking off fingers.
You’ve been on the road for a short while and you’ve got plenty of dates ahead of you. Are there any cities that you’re more excited to visit than others and for what reason?
Considering we’ve never been on the East Coast, I think we’re pretty giddy about all of it!
[youtube id=NKkBJNWZr2A]