Photos + Show Review: The Raconteurs

A couple of weeks ago I got the amazing privilege to see my idol, Jack White, with The Raconteurs. I was accompanied with my friend and a guest photographer for the website, John Payne. We got there as soon as they started their opening song, which we could hear from the parking lot. Our hearts were racing with anticipation.

We stood in awe as they played “Salute Your Solution” and their most popular single, “Steady as She Goes.” I found myself getting lost in the genius that is Jack White and his live performance. With their song “Blue Veins” I found myself in tears at the sheer emotion that every single member put into that song. Every single note and hit were extremely deliberate and precise. The guitar solo from Jack White dripped with emotion, gripping the very core of my musicianship and shaking it; rearranging and completely altering the way I perceived music, more specifically live performance, forever.

If you ever get a chance to see them play live, spend the last dime of your paycheck and do it. It will leave musicians humbled, fans exuberated, and new listeners in love.

– Alec Stanley