VIDEOS: Alec Stanley Seven Reunion Show

Alec Stanley Seven marked their return to Macon and first and final reunion show on December 3rd at The 567. Members of the band split off to pursue school, join other bands, or move out of state. Things seemed to fizzle out right as they were taking off for the band, which made this reunion show even more special. Most of their fans around the area were expecting one last show and were thrilled when this was announced.

Members returned from Australia and around the state a few days before the show for their first practice in over 9 months. They were joined on vocals by a girl named Ching, a close friend of drummer Stephen Payne, who met Stephen while attending school with him in Australia. He mentioned to her that his band was getting back together for one show over the holidays and she decided to learn the songs and fly back with him for the show.

Alec and his band went on following sets by Last Year’s Men, Scouts, and Macon’s own oh dorian. Check out videos for their songs “Make It Out Alive” and “Elizabeth”. Enjoy!

Alec Stanley Seven – “Make It Out Alive”

[youtube showinfo=0 id=pkZJrEbJET8]

Alec Stanley Seven – “Elizabeth”

[youtube showinfo=0 id=M6hy9xZ9iwk]