Show Preview: KEANE w/ Youngblood Hawke at Tabernacle – 1/24

It’s been some time since the piano-driven song soarers Keane played in Atlanta, seeing as their last tour by-passed the southern city, as is an all-too-oft occurrence. And the tour before that. And the tour before that. And the tour before that. In fact, the group hasn’t played Atlanta since 2005. Hard to believe, with the city’s history for loving Britpop-esque bands, but we have been patient, and next week will see the return of those brilliant anthems that were made to fill arenas. Or, as this show would have it, beautiful old churches.

But the lads have hardly been slacking. Last year saw the release of their latest album, Strangeland, which was the first album made with their newest member, bassist Jesse Quin. Naturally, it topped the charts in the UK. Give us Brits something we can lift our arms up to in the (albeit rare) sunshine, and we will buy it. The echoing, giant piano is still there, as is Tim Rice-Oxley’s “skyscraper” vocals (famed DJ Steve Lamacq’s word, not mine). It doesn’t quite beat the unbelievably thrilling exclamations of 2008’s Perfect Symmetry, with its Queen-esque moments of epic glory, but it still shimmers and shines with enthusiasm.

Youngblood Hawke

Thankfully, Keane is a band that people want to see for their stellar back catalog, which, with the exceptions of a few non-starters, has been consistently impressive and an absolute joy to see live.

Keane are also bringing a little bit of hot new stuff along with them, in the form of Youngblood Hawke. The youthful sounds of their indie pop dance floor filler “We Come Running” has brought them to the attention of many a tastemaker (KROQ, anyone?), and, like Keane, they are made for the stage, though in a different way.

Think more neon-manic-bopping-up-and-down, less hands-held-to-the-heavens. When Youngblood Hawke opened for Passion Pit in Atlanta last year, they were the perfect appetizer for the falsetto giddiness that the indie faves bring.

Keane will be live at The Tabernacle in Atlanta on Thursday, January 24th with support from Youngblood Hawke. Tickets are still available, but this show should sell-out. 

Leila Regan-Porter

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