THE VESPERS w/ Caleb & Jillian Edwards at The 567 – 2/8/2013


Brother/Sister family band (comprised of sisters Callie & Phoebe Cryar and brothers Bruno & Taylor Jones) The Vespers are making a return to Macon on February 8th at The 567 Center. They’ll be joined by Caleb and special guest Jillian Edwards.

Originally from Nashville, the four-piece made a very personal impression with the crowd at Second Sunday in September. Their folk-rock style, mixed with the wholesome influence of all things Southern, quickly won over listeners of their 2010 debut Tell Your Mama, and a dedicated touring schedule has taken them around the US.

I first caught the band not at Second Sunday, but at the MidPoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio. A photographer and I were there covering the event and I remembered they’d recently been in Macon, so we stopped in to see what we had missed out on back home. It was well worth the visit.

Jillian Edwards

Jillian Edwards

The Vespers are as charming as they are talented (the balance of the two could be debated for hours), and have evidently found joy and comfort in sharing their music with any audience that will have them. Their most recent release, The Fourth Wall, picks up where the previous left off, winding sweet-tea melodies with whiskey-soaked blues.

Complimented perfectly by support from Caleb (a full band from Franklin, Tennessee) and Jillian Edwards (I think I’m in love..), The Vespers should feel right at home at The 567. Tickets are available at . The show is open to all ages and doors open at 7:00pm with music to follow at 8:00pm. This is one of those touring packages that Macon is lucky to get and should be as much a treat for the bands as it will be for those of you we’ll see there.

[youtube id=zCdusougp0o]