Acoustic Alley: Josh Foster

“Clearly, the emotion and sentiments that Foster evoked resounded through the city, as he was recently invited back to Mercer University’s Bearstock 2012 to perform a set of songs from his upcoming solo record, where we managed to snag him for an Acoustic Alley session”

Stream The Newest Single From Parachute Musical

Get your first taste of Parachute Musical’s new single from their upcoming album “Kill It, Cut It Down” – Sean Pritchard

Q&A with Parachute Musical (Video)

Parachute Musical in Macon, GA on June 25, 2010

Luke Goddard interviews three of the four guys from Parachute Musical after their show in Macon, Georgia on June 25th. The band talks about their new single, the Nashville music scene, and the visuals that accompany their live shows.