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Chris is currently a graduate student in the Divinity School at Duke University in Durham, NC.  When school's not in, he's either in the kitchen or in the coffee shop.  Music-wise, he actually really likes the three Dylan records made between 1979 and '81.  He has his folks to thank for his uncanny affection for The Beatles, Three Dog Night, and Tom Petty & in the last 5 years has built on this Gibralter-like foundation with a slew of beloved North Carolinian acts including the Avett Brothers, Roman CandleThe Old Ceremony, the Drughorse CollectiveLuego, and Brett Harris.

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Chris’ Top 11 Releases of 2011

Mandolin Orange, Megafaun and more make Chris Breslin’s Top 11 Releases of 2011. Dig in!

Son of Ojito David Rosenfield

David Rosenfield’s “Son of Ojito”

C.E. Breslin gives his latest review of David Rosenfield’s newest release!

Skylar Gudasz & the Ugly Girls TWO HEADED MONSTER

Skylar Gudasz & the Ugly Girls’ “Two Headed Monster”

“Keep your eye and ears on this young band, such a mature debut can only lead to yet unexplored, dreamier, more expansive vistas.” -CB

Arthur Alligood I Have Not Seen The Wind

Arthur Alligood’s “I Have Not Seen The Wind”

“Enter Arthur Alligood: a preacher disguised as a folk singer.” -C.E. Breslin

LUZ Light, Among Other Things

luz’s “Light, Among Other Things”

“Interspersed with screeching atmospheric guitar and affective ambient noise, the EP is an offering from an honest young artist to do just this.” -CB

Top Ten for 2010 (List #1 of 7): by Chris Breslin

TBI’s Chris Breslin gives us list #1 of this year’s TBI Staff Picks- Top Ten of 2010!

The Tomahawks’ “Cut Loose”

So, TBI writer, Chris Breslin, gives The Tomahawks new record a 9 out of 10. What!

Griffin House’s “The Learner”

According to TBI writer, C.E. Breslin, Griffin House falls short of his heroes.

The Old Ceremony’s “Tender Age”

“‘Tender Age’ tells a tale not of novelty, youth, or immaturity, but of sly security, adroitness, and versatility.” -CB