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A Picture of Grafton Tanner

Grafton Tanner is an English and Film Studies double major at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA.  While attending high school in Macon many moons ago, Grafton studied percussion and performed in several district, region, and state level wind ensembles.  After a brief stint in music school that left him musically vapid, Grafton holed himself up in his dorm room (Reed Hall room 240), read Gravity’s Rainbow, lost his mind, and wrote the beginning songs for his now active synthrock band Space Ghost.  Hoo nelly!

He has a penchant for 20th Century classical music, late 70’s disco funk, avant-jazz, and soundtracks for early Disney Halloween cartoon specials (preferably on VHS format).  At most hours of the day, Grafton enjoys writing poetry, eating at Keba, and saying “y’all.”

Grafton Tanner's Latest Contributions

Everyone’s Watching: How Justin Bieber Beat the Haters and Made a Great Pop Record

Justin Bieber’s new album “Purpose” is “more impressive for what it isn’t than for what it is,” says TBI’s Grafton Tanner.

AthFest 2015: Review + Gallery

Enjoy a full gallery of photos and a review of ATHFEST 2015, featuring The Whigs, Family and Friends, and more!

Wax Fang – ‘The Astronaut’

Wax Fang is Scott Carney and Jacob Heustis, and their sound is a throwback to the mid-1970s anthemic rock acts that spawned countless imitators while causing many others to spurn “dinosaur rock” altogether.  By 1977, the likes of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin were being rejected outright by the surfacing wave of punk rock.  In […]

Grafton’s “Top 13 Albums of 2013”

Grafton shares his Top 13 Albums of 2013– including My Bloody Valentine, Deafheaven, and Beyonce!

Earl Long — “Term Two”

Grafton gives Earl Long’s September release a 9.5 out of 10! You gotta check the record out now.

SWF – “Let It Be Told”

“On his debut album, ‘Let It Be Told’, SWF honors the fuzzed-out days when radio rock was booming and musicians and music fans alike mythologized the “road” as the fount from which all rock inspiration flowed.” – GT

Highlander- “Good Numbers”

“Good Numbers is a pleasant snapshot of an indie band that never forsakes memorable melodies for anything ‘cooler. . .'” -GT

10/4 – QUIET HOUNDS at The Swan House – Atlanta, Georgia

On October 4th, QUIET HOUNDS will yet again raise the bar for contemporary live performances as they present “Swans & Embers,” a unique concert experience that will be held at Atlanta’s historic Swan House.

The Dodos – “Carrier”

“From day one, The Dodos have defied convention and type.” -GT