10/4 – QUIET HOUNDS at The Swan House – Atlanta, Georgia

photo by Sarah Dorio

photo by Sarah Dorio

With a loud, expressive penchant for theatrics and a steadfast dedication to interdisciplinary art performances, Quiet Hounds continue to defy the ordinary. Make no mistake, they are indeed a pop band from Atlanta, yet their insatiable drive to forge their own path and evade all things typical does more than just set them apart from every other band in the Atlanta region. For one, it makes me shout aloud the question, “Why aren’t these guys packing out arenas?” Fact is, Quiet Hounds are too adventurous, too willing to push the envelope, and too invested in their own painstakingly crafted music to sacrifice anything. They are committed to shrouding their public and digital images in order to let the music speak, and boy, does it speak volumes. All extra-musical escapades aside, Quiet Hounds’ two releases, Southern Charm and Megaphona, pack in some of the best folk pop in recent memory, and witnessing these tunes live is always a major event to behold.

On October 4th, Quiet Hounds will yet again raise the bar for contemporary live performances as they present “Swans & Embers,” a unique concert experience that will be held at Atlanta’s historic Swan House. Located at the Atlanta History Center, the Swan House is a historic mansion built in 1928 that remains one of the most famous Atlanta landmarks and will serve as the perfect venue to host Quiet Hounds’ once-in-a-lifetime event. Past and present will collide as Quiet Hounds accompanies a 1920s-themed narrative with their concert in three movements.  Food and drinks will be provided by local Atlanta eateries for a multi-sensory extravaganza. If “Swans & Embers” will be anything like their incredible AthFest performances, then all attendees will be in for quite a treat. The prospect of seeing these guys live in the context of such a grand production will make for an unforgettable evening. Both General Admission and VIP Admission are available. Get your tickets here.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/272363676239464/292621827546982/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity

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