echocollection (1)Luke and I met Atlanta indie rockers Echo Collection a couple weeks ago downtown for what would be my first Acoustic Alley session with The Blue Indian. Trey and Dustin, the band’s two guitarists, had traveled down from Atlanta to give us a stripped down take on their ordinarily heavier songs. The vocals and guitar harmonies of “Calm Down,” set apart from the usual driving rhythms of the band, were a perfect fit for the alley, without losing any of the signature emotive power of the full group. The second song, “Spirals,” is a song of Trey’s that is re-worked for the the full band. Keep an eye on their Bandcamp for what we expect to be another incredible tune from this Atlanta band.

-Andy Carter

Echo Collection- “Calm Down”

[youtube id=fDI_pj6VyRw]

Echo Collection- “Spirals”

[youtube id=aNT0yncsnAE]