Acoustic Alley: BABY BABY

Atlanta’s #1 “love-to-hate/hate-to-love” (we simply love them) band Baby Baby made yet another much anticipated stop in Macon in late February and we finally locked them in for an Alley session. Following their debut album, Money, the band released a number of singles & videos that had the internet world up in arms – including their most recent, “Keep on Dancin”, the first single off their upcoming full-length, Big Boy Ballers Club. Baby Baby is easily one of the most fun bands we’ve booked in Macon and their usual “turned to eleven” rock n’ roll translates over well to a stripped down set.

This was also the coldest, wettest Alley session we have ever filmed. – Sean Pritchard

BABY BABY – “Keep on Dancin”

[youtube id=sQykI3v_ZCU showinfo=0]

BABY BABY – “Best Franz”

[youtube id=tvYxI0j4sdA showinfo=0]


[youtube id=9EGNWQQU5og showinfo=0]