Acoustic Alley: FLOCO TORRES


Since Floco Torres‘ debut in Macon in 2009, he’s been on the forefront of the arts scene here. Whether through collaborating with numerous bands and solo musicians, performing at dives and formal functions alike, winning the Gateway Macon Music competition, or being involved with, well, pretty much all aspects of the progressive culture around the city – Floco commands attention. And for quite good reason – his most recent release, Psycadelphia Two, is his most in-depth and captivating release yet. A product of nearly 18 months of work with producer GmanFantastic and his band, along with various musicians, the album is haunting and etheral, while retaining the speaker blowing backbeat and intro/extro-spective lyrical content listeners have come to expect over the past four years.

We met up with Floco this past July during Macon’s annual Bragg Jam Festival and recorded this strictly a cappella session of two songs from Psycadelphia Two. He says of “Streetlights”, “This is one of my favorite verses in a while. It shut a lot of the “We want old Floco” people up. It’s probably the best representation of my childhood as well.” You can download the album from his home page or pick up a limited edition copy at one of his upcoming shows.

– Sean Pritchard

FLOCO TORRES – “Criminology”

[youtube id=yHTW0TKJCm0]

FLOCO TORRES – “Streetlights”

[youtube id=47jnOQ5Rvk0]