harrison hudsonIf memory serves me right, I came across Harrison Hudson in 2005 or 2006 via the Favorite Gentlemen Records community. I had become a big fan of Manchester Orchestra, so naturally I wanted to know more about the artists that they had befriended and wanted to support. I listened to the music that was available online and explored some of the other artists on the label, but Harrison’s album Blood, Sweat, and Sweat, was actually the first record I purchased (other than Manchester’s) from Favorite Gentlemen.

American Thunder, the 2011 release, gave a clear inclination to the direction things were going with the band. Written and recorded by Hudson and drummer Shaun Rawlings, along with a rotating cast of friends, the album perfectly captured the songs that fans had grown to love from live shows (“Indie Rock N Roll Queen”) and paired them with newer songs that were easily the band’s most charming releases to date – (“Bookstore Girl”).

Earlier this year, the band released Curious, an aptly-named record featuring a single of the same name. The band was invited out by good friend Kevin Devine as support for a fall tour that included Now Now, and were joined each night by Mike Strandberg (guitar, Kevin Devine & the GDB) on bass. We met up with Harrison before the Atlanta show at the Masquerade and recorded two unique versions of songs from Curious – “Heartache Emergency” and “Hard to Say”. We also recorded a session with Kevin that will be made available in the coming weeks. Thanks to our friends at Dynes Media for the excellent footage.

Pick up a copy of Curious today!

Harrison Hudson – “Heartache Emergency”

[vimeo id=82042451]

Harrison Hudson – “Hard to Say”

[vimeo id=82050829]