Acoustic Alley: KEVIN DEVINE

kevin devineAt the beginning of January, Kevin Devine announced to fans his plans to release two albums in 2013 with the goal of having the projects funded through a Kickstarter campaign. News of the project, which would include a solo record and a full band record produced by Jesse Lacey of Brand New, went viral among his fans, and those of the various bands he’s worked closely with over the years (Manchester Orchestra, the Favorite Gentlemen Records community, Brand New etc.) and the project was funded in its entirety in less than 24 hours. 

When funding eventually closed on the project in late February, a total of $114,805.00 was raised – the 12th largest music campaign in the website’s history. The amount of attention surrounding the campaign, and the subsequent albums, only increased when he and The Goddamn Band headed out on a US tour with Now, Now and Harrison Hudson.

We caught up with him prior to showtime at The Masquerade in Atlanta and recorded these beautiful, stripped-down performances of three songs from the new records. “Bubblegum” and “Private First Class” can be found on Bubblegum, while “Safe” appears on Bulldozer. You can download copies of the records here! Thanks to Dynes Media for their stellar production work on these videos and the session with Harrison Hudson (filmed following this session).

He will be supporting Brand New tomorrow night (Dec 22nd) at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY.

Kevin Devine – “Bubblegum”

[vimeo id=82024723]

Kevin Devine – “Private First Class”

[vimeo id=82031308]

Kevin Devine – “Safe”

[vimeo id=82037726]