Acoustic Alley: MEL WASHINGTON (Formerly of ALL GET OUT)

We’re really excited about the upcoming February release of Mel Washington‘s new solo record, HOUSES. From what we’ve heard here at The Blue Indian, it’ll easily be one of the top records released this year. Mel is one of those artists where as soon as he utters the first syllable, everyone stops to listen. He just has one of those unforgettable voices. He was very kind to record his second Acoustic Alley session to date with us here at our popular Alley on Cherry Street in downtown Macon, GA. His first was a lovely cover of The Bell Bridade’s song “Losers,” shot in a park in Columbia, SC by one of our contributors, Alec Stanley.

During this new Alley Session, Mel performs three songs– two of which will be singles on the upcoming record.

-Luke Goddard

Mel Washington – Come Back

[youtube id=2JSbcTqzum8 showinfo=0]

Mel Washington – Alyx’s Song

[youtube id=AQU3Yjihzss showinfo=0]

Mel Washington – Whiskey Bent

[youtube id=YazwcT46iNs showinfo=0]