Acoustic Alley: Alec Stanley

If you’re local to the Middle Georgia area, I’m sure you’ve seen Alec Stanley grace the stages in various coffee shops, bars, night clubs, and theaters. Since long before he was legal to operate an automobile, Stanley was having his older friends drive him to his own shows that were pretty much expected to be packed with adoring fans of all ages.

After playing a lot of solo shows throughout high school and into his post-school days, somewhere during that time frame, he joined the band Jubee and The Morning After. He and the band really took off and gave Macon, GA something to be proud of, as they opened for more than a few national acts as well as played on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Between playing in a touring band and working a million jobs at once, Stanley began assisting us here at The Blue Indian with booking. With that work under his belt, Stanley became interested in working for a reputable record label outside of the area to further himself in the biz. After putting in a word for him to our friends in Seattle, WA, we are proud to see our dear friend start a life westward working for Sub Pop and continuing to pursue his career in music. I personally have no doubt that this fella will find success out west and make us all proud at home here in Georgia. Recently after one of his shows, we were able to catch up with him to do something we’ve been trying to do for 3 years now with him– an Alley Session. Enjoy.

– Luke Goddard

Alec Stanley – “Please”

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Alec Stanley – “Holocene” (Bon Iver cover)

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