Acoustic Alley: Frontier Ruckus

Frontier Ruckus came to me year before last in the form of a phone call from their agent Aaron. I had gotten in touch with Aaron month prior because on a whim I thought that booking the Avett Brothers in Macon was a legitimate plan and they’re handled by the same people. Needless to say, that show didn’t work out but when Aaron did call me back, he said something along the lines of “I’ve got this band called Frontier Ruckus and you need to book them in Macon”. And so I did, right smack in the middle of two other dates I had booked in town with Lost in the Trees and Matrimony. These Michiganders held their own and won over the crowd.

Months later, they returned to find that their spur of the moment, in-your-face (literally) set had won over a much larger audience and they ate and slept and stayed up late in Macon and had the best time ever.

Most recently, they returned to promote and present to Macon songs from their upcoming album An Eternity of Dimming. It goes without saying that they’re always a good time and so following the show they made their way over to our good ol’ alley and played this song, “Eyelashes”, from their new album. Check it out and enjoy.

Frontier Ruckus – “Eyelashes”

[youtube id=PbH8cZxjvpg showinfo=0]