Acoustic Alley: Amy Godwin

It’s pretty rare you come across a gem like Amy Godwin, especially in Macon, GA. All this lady needs is a little luck and she’ll be well on her way to stardom. Over the past year, there hasn’t been much of Amy around. Sort of frustrating for fans who were getting spoiled with her rather frequent local show listings during 2009 and the most part of 2010. Well, she’ll be playing in full-swing on January 21st at The 567’s Gallery Stage alongside Frontier Ruckus, Austin Crane, and more (respond to the invitation HERE).

After recently getting a ton of attention from being on Austin Crane’s side project Valley Maker, (you must download that record. Good Lord) Amy is rapidly picking up fans.’s William Haun was fortunate enough to shoot her in our 6th episode of “Acoustic Alley.” The series is quickly picking up steam. TBI will look to fill that section up on with tons of bands throughout the year 2011. Until then, enjoy a very brilliant series of Acoustic Alley videos of the lovely songstress, Amy Godwin performing several beautiful tunes.

-Luke Goddard

For James: Lost at Sea

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Summer Swallow

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