Acoustic Alley: Valley Maker

After releasing what was for a few TBI writers their staff pick of the year (2010), Valley maker, the self-titled record Austin Crane put out has caught the attention of quite a few blogs around the country. For a senior thesis project, Crane decided to write and record an album based on the stories in the book of Genesis in the Bible. The way in which Crane is able to tell these stories so relevantly is memorizing to say the least. Our very own, Beth Yeckley, said it best: “It is the sheer creativity with which Crane breaks down these songs and rebuilds them in his modern tongue (and understanding) that keeps me coming back to try and understand how he did it and at the same time, simply enjoy that it was possible.”

During his recent stop in Macon, GA, Austin, along with Amy Godwin, was kind of enough to give us a “TBI Acoustic Alley” performance of two songs off the record– “Jacob” and “Cain and Abel.” Be sure to head over to to order a copy of the record on VINYL! Purchase the vinyl by clicking HERE!


[youtube id=7lCBSj2DeNE showinfo=0]

VALLEY MAKER – “Cain and Abel”

[youtube id=ErCeZzpEJsw showinfo=0]