Acoustic Alley: CALEB (aka Colony House)

Caleb - Learning How to Love

Caleb - The Long WalkRecently, the three-piece rock band hailing from Franklin, TN stopped through Macon opening for The Vespers at The 567. After the show, we were able to get the band in the alley for a session we won’t soon forget. If you like artists like Matthew Perryman Jones, you’ll really dig the band, CALEB. They seem to have everything going for them to establish a nice career for themselves. We’re really happy with the way this Acoustic Alley session turned out and hope you enjoy their stuff. Be sure to check them out online for upcoming tour dates. Enjoy.

– Luke Goddard

CALEB – “Learning How to Love”

[youtube id=lKV_1YzMu60 showinfo=0]

CALEB – “The Long Walk”

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