Acoustic Alley: Fire Mountain

Fire Mountain Acoustic Alley

Fire Mountain Acoustic AlleyWe’re pretty pumped around these parts that FIRE MOUNTAIN is in the studio now working on an LP. It’s being produced by one of our favorite singer/songwriters, now producer, Arthur Alligood. To our knowledge, the record should be out by early to mid-Fall of this year. So keep your eyes peeled here at and our Facebook page for updates.

I was first introduced to the band via my long-time pal Arthur and made myself a mental note to check them out. Arthur and I have this thing: when he tells me to check out a band, I do it. It’s amazing how like-minded we are with our music tastes. So probably a year had passed before I randomly ran across them on Spotify and immediately liked them only to quickly realize that it was the band Arthur told me about. I immediately reached out to the band for an Acoustic Alley session with us. Thankfully, they agreed to the session and here we are. It is an honor for me to introduce you to these guys. Also, enjoy their Daytrotter session as well.

– Luke Goddard


Fire Mountain – “Doing Fine”

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Fire Mountain – “Be Your Eyes”

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Fire Mountain – “Why Can’t I Stay”

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