Acoustic Alley: GOOD NIGHT ALIVE


Photo by Andy Carter

When William Haun posted the first Acoustic Alley video in 2010, there was no idea that it would have become the incredible collection of performances that it is now. Having hosted an extremely diverse group of musicians, including acts such as The Front Bottoms, The Kopecky Family Band, and All Get Out, William created a venue for us to watch our favorite artists in their most stripped down, honest states; one-take performances in a humble downtown Macon alley. Since then, the Alley videos became our way of sharing intimate performances with our readers in a variety of different places, from Florida to New York. When I arrived in 2013 to help with the Alleys, we worked together to find more artists, from all over the country, to showcase to you. As we completed more and more videos, the idea of the humble shoot in the alley became more rare as we expanded to our coverage to other venues. Overall, I’m extremely pleased with those videos, but I’d like to bring the project back home.

With the help of newcomer Tyler Shores, former producer of Atlanta’s BalconyTV, and a partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting, we are relaunching our Acoustic Alley series with a commitment to the original vision of the project. You can expect to see stripped-down, primarily acoustic, performances of your favorite artists in the Acoustic Alley. GPB Macon will also be hosting the audio for download as well, with hopes of curating an album of the best performances in the series each year. Furthermore, we are excited to feature more local Georgia musicians, as well as continue to host the best performers that come through our town. You can expect to see a new Acoustic Alley from us on the second Thursday of each month.

Macon natives, Good Night Alive, happen to fall in both of those camps. Starting with their recent invitation to New York City for the VH1 Make a Band Famous competition, these five musicians have returned to Georgia with an exciting live show and impossibly catchy melodies. They have been regular staples around town, throwing killer house shows and performing at both The Hummingbird and most recently, The Cox Capitol Theatre with Atlanta synth-rockers Stokeswood. With an EP on the way, and a show with Ben Rector scheduled for September 19th, they show no signs of slowing down.

Good Night Alive – “Ride or Die”

[youtube id=Y3P4EfXOf9A]

Good Night Alive – “Sleep Walking”

[youtube id=d30to9mt3Sk]

Good Night Alive – “Chin Up”

[youtube id=FwcQbkg-VZI]