Acoustic Alley: WILD MOCCASINS

photo by Andy Carter

photo by Andy Carter

Wild Moccasins made their debut in Macon in October of 2011, playing a show to a near empty house at the Rookery. Admittedly, it was a show that helped put on, so we were all half anxious-half excited when we learned they would be coming back to support of Montreal at the Cox Capitol Theatre on their recent tour together.

On one hand, they were on the road with of Montreal, so it was destined to be a good time, but we we’re slightly worried their first encounter with the city may have left a bad impression – this was not the case at all though.

We met up with Zahira, Cody, and Andrew from the band shortly after their set and were treated to this elemental version of the track “Full-Time Fetish” from their recently released album, 88 92, on New West Records.

If you caught any of the shows on the recent tour with of Montreal, you know well that the days of playing to the opening band and venue staff are long over for the Houston-based band. 88 92  is a delightfully enjoyable album of pop gems from a band that deserves priority in your playlist. Catch them at the Free Press Summer Fest in Houston on May 31st + June 2nd, with more dates to be announced for the Fall.

Wild Moccasins – “Full-Time Fetish”

[youtube id=-yjJPkB7Oyw]