Acoustic Alley: John Mark McMillan – “Murdered Son”

Coming off the huge success for fashioning such a hit as “How He Loves,” which ultimately landed John Mark McMillan the spot of opening for the David Crowder Band during their final tour, McMillan gives us “Murdered Son” in his latest record, Economy. It’s my assumption that “Murdered Son” could receive the attention comparable to the buzz with his release of “How He Loves.”

McMillan has a unique ability to craft songs that find themselves wedged between the classifications of being “okay to sing in churches” and too graphic for the general populace to sing in churches or its respective environments. I personally think the second classification is ludicrous, but it is what it is, I suppose. You probably remember McMillan performing “Sheet of Night” in an Acoustic Alley session with us. Well, we hope you enjoy his performance of “Murdered Son” after his show in Macon earlier this year.

– Luke Goddard

John Mark McMillan – “Murdered Son”

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