Acoustic Alley: Jubee and The Morning After

There’s a rapidly growing “scene” in Macon, GA, that pretty well covers all genres– indie rock, pop, singer/songwriter, hip hop, dance– the list goes on. But growing possibly faster than the scene itself is this band, Jubee and The Morning After. The band is Jubee Webb (vocals), Alec Stanley (guitar/vocals), Danny Davis (bass/vocals), and Alex Scarborough (drums). Always looking to help promote strong local acts here in Macon, GA, we here at certainly won’t have to do too much, as this band seems well on their way to stardom without needing the help from us. We consider it a privilege to shoot this band as a part of our “TBI Acoustic Alley” series. They perform the track off of The Blue Indian Compilation Volume 2 called “Outta Home,” along with another fan favorite– “Whatcha Made Of.” Watch out, Macon!

– Luke Goddard

Jubee and The Morning After – “Outta Home”

[youtube id=mtJjf841aV4 showinfo=0]

Jubee and The Morning After – “Whatcha Made Of”

[youtube id=R3uqHtwL7u8 showinfo=0]