Acoustic Alley: Lily and the Tigers

lily and the tigersLuke and I caught up with Lily and the Tigers, our “Band of the Month” for June, one Saturday morning in late June to capture their unique Appalachian folk sound in the alley. The previous nights’ show marked their first in Macon and we were thankful that they drove down to see what it’s like. In addition to their kind spirits, I was struck by their genuine execution of their particular breed of folk music. The upright bass and slide guitar were perfectly complimented by Casey’s smooth vocals.

For their song “Devil’s Waltz”, we opted to head over to Macon’s Rose Hill Cemetery. The group had heard of the site’s more famous residents and wanted to pay their respects. Rose Hill ended up being the perfect spot for the haunting melody of their final video.

Remember to check out our interview with the band in June, and find a way to catch them live soon. Their “Haunted Appalachian Soul” is a beautiful twist in the current folk music revival.

Lily and the Tigers – “All Hearts and Hands”

[youtube id=aRBQ75RSbD8]

Lily and the Tigers – “Je Suis Perdue”

[youtube id=Zw05Ax0TT-w]

Lily and the Tigers – “Devil’s Waltz”

[youtube id=fgnkyRYajP8]