Acoustic Alley – VON GREY

photo by Andy Carter

photo by Andy Carter

Last fall, the girls in von Grey made their debut in Macon at a private corporate event. We had spoken with them earlier that summer at Bonnaroo and caught wind of their performance in our hometown, so we got in touch and scheduled a session earlier in the day.

The Atlanta-based quartet of sisters has been turning heads since their 2012 debut; we’re talking tours with Company of Thieves, Lindsey Sterling, appearances on “The Late Show”, “Rock Center”, and “Conan”, and sets at dozens of major festivals.

On January 21st, von Grey will releaseĀ Awakening, an EP of material they’ve been working on since their 2012 Nick DiDia produced self-titled EP. “Ashes” appears on the EP.

They have a few weeks of shows on the horizon, most of those in support of Ron Pope. Check out the full schedule and see if they’ll be in your area.

von Grey – “Ashes”

[youtube id=KYrgdNev7wM]

von Grey – “Chained to You”

[youtube id=hANxygW-3Sg]

von Grey – “Shane”

[youtube id=sF9vQzaW9Vg]