Exclusive Video Premier: WoolFolk – “Chieft”

woolfolkIn anticipation for their upcoming performance on TheBlueIndian.com Stage at Bragg Jam Festival in Macon, Georgia on July 27th, we’re pleased to feature the exclusive debut of WoolFolk‘s new song, “Chieft”, and the accompanying in-studio video footage.

“We have been recording things off and on throughout the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer. It’s extremely arduous to be in a band where all the members live in different cities and go to different schools; finally, all of our schedules lined up and we were able to have a full band recording session,” says Michael Suhr. “If we didn’t have Macon as a home base, WoolFolk would have no substrates. Artistically, we would be homeless. After months of doing our own thing, we set aside the school bull shit (kids, stay in school) and finished the recording. All it took was us being in the same room.”

Suhr says, “Chieft” is about the mundane things in life and the difficulty in making routines exiting. We need life enhancers, whether it be drugs, alcohol, or religion. Everyday life can be so unmoving. That’s why people smoke, drink, and worship, in my opinion.”

WoolFolk will be making their second appearance at Bragg Jam on Saturday, July 27th at TheBlueIndian.com Stage at The 567 Gallery at 7:30pm. A full Bragg Jam lineup is available here.

[youtube id=6ymONB3Y1pA]