Video, Audio, & Photos of RIVER WHYLESS Live

At the start of the week we teased you with a video of RIVER WHYLESS playing at The Rookery in Macon two weeks ago. Here is another video, followed by tracks that you can stream or download (right-click and choose Save As…), and some photos from their great show.

Enjoy these and stay on the edge of your seat as we’ve got some treats from Little Tybee’s set that same night coming soon…

[youtube id=clNztUMFnYM]

Exclusive MP3s of River Whyless’ set at The Rookery

River Whyless – Implosion (Part III) (Live)

River Whyless – Ballad of Billy Owens (Live)

River Whyless – The Field (Live)

River Whyless – Implosion (Part I) (Live)

River Whyless – Widows Walk (Live)

River Whyless – YU (Live)