Video: Little Tybee’s “Boxcar Fair”

Little Tybee came to last year through friends of friends who just wouldn’t shut up about what an amazing band they were. We checked them out and realized we were the foolish ones for not paying attention. Brock Scott and his Atlanta-based troupe have created a original brand of music that falls somewhere between newage jazz and college radio hits. Check out their newest and most creative project yet, the video for their song “Boxcar Fair”. You’ll enjoy!

Boxcar Fair follows a wandering explorer who stumbles upon a magical fair in the middle of a desert. The piece was created by Brock Scott and artist Tom Haney for the band Little Tybee. The entire video was shot in one take with no cuts or edits.

Directed By: Brock Scott and Tom Haney  – Director of Photography: Andrew Kornylak

Original Score, “Boxcar Fair”, Arranged, Performed, and Recorded by: Little Tybee, Mixed by: Pat Brooks

Puppeteers: Raymond Carr, Amy Rush, Mauree Culberson, Lee Bryan

Label: Paper Garden Records
Made in Atlanta, GA