Those Lavender Whales is quickly becoming one of my favorite up and coming acts. Being such a huge fan of Half-Handed Cloud, it was a no-brainer to check this group out with the man behind the genius of Half-Handed Cloud, John Ringhofer, emailed me asking me to give them a good listen. This is a dark world and sometimes we just need a little innocence and positivity. Groups like Half-Handed Cloud and Those Lavender Whales give me this joy. You may remember when we gave both Tomahawk of Praise and Parts & Pieces/Goose & Geeses high ratings, so you can imagine our excitement when Those Lavender Whales came to town for this stripped-down Acoustic Alley session. Aaron Graves played a few songs alone and it was an intimate, real treat. Hope you enjoy! -Luke Goddard

Those Lavender Whales – “129”

[youtube id=IlOLuJS5-wA showinfo=0]

Those Lavender Whales – “Exist”

[youtube id=TIW-DP4UpKw showinfo=0]

Those Lavender Whales – “The Night Before Kite Day”

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