Acoustic Alley: BETHESDA


photo/video by Andy Carter

Every few months, we’ll have a band contact us about stopping in Macon to record an Acoustic Alley session even though they’re playing in Atlanta or Athens (or beyond) that evening. Such was the case with Bethesda, our Band of the Month for April 2013.

We were introduced to the group last year at MidPoint Music Festival in Cincinnati and became fast fans of their anthemic folk-pop. Earlier this summer, they visited us for a mid-day session that entertained a few lunch-crowd onlookers and downtown regulars.

With the fiery figure of Shanna Delaney at the helm, Bethesda plays lively, classically-inspired folk-pop that doesn’t shy away from having an edge. Earlier this year, they released their sophomore LP, The Reunion, to high praise from a slew of publications based in the mid-west and beyond.

The band currently has dates lined up through November and will be returning to MidPoint Music Festival on Saturday, September 28th.

BETHESDA – “Fit to Leave”

[youtube id=MZe10Nt4wxc]

BETHESDA – “Rotted Pines”

[youtube id=-RiO_kE63rk]

BETHESDA – “The Reunion”

[youtube id=pu87fuHFEf4]