Acoustic Alley: CAROLINE ROSE

photo by Andy Carter

photo by Andy Carter

CAROLINE ROSE came to us earlier this year as a recommendation from a friend here in Macon. We were told she had a loose connection to the city through a college friend and were able to snag one night of her seemingly endless Summer tour. I happened to be eating at the venue she was set to play at when she arrived and went to introduce myself to her and musical partner Jer Coons. She was quiet and polite, unassuming in her ways so that I wasn’t sure what to expect other than what I heard online.

Oddly enough, Andy & I were filming an Acoustic Alley session for Atlanta-based pop-punk band Look Alive that same evening so we offered the idea to Rose and Coons and they gladly accepted. What followed became one of my favorite of the 60+ sessions we’ve filmed. The duo performed two songs, “America Religious”, the titled track from the record she was touring in support of, and “Hey Miss America”, an older song written for her Grandmother.

Andy & I were sold after the two songs, needless to say. The duo would go on to play to a more than modest crowd at the Rookery that night, with the venue owner actually purchasing a copy of her record for each of his working staff that night!

We named Caroline Rose our “Band of the Month” for August 2013. Enjoy “America Religious” and “Hey Miss America” and pick up a copy of her new record.

– Sean Pritchard

CAROLINE ROSE – “America Religious”

[youtube id=a_Dj2JQIyUg]

CAROLINE ROSE – “Hey Miss America”

[youtube id=Bu0RZqqEJio]